From Blonde Cornrows To Her Signature Sleek Ponytail: Kim Kardashian’s Everchanging Hairstyles

On Monday night, Kim Kardashian debuted a new look on Snapchat with beaded cornrows, which she called “Bo Derek braids.” And, of course, like anything else regarding the reality TV star, the hairdo is already causing drama.

Kardashian’s comment crediting Derek, a white woman, with the look, which Bo herself ripped off from black women, spurred, yet again, complaints of cultural appropriation from fans online.

“They are called Fulani braids or some may even say corn rows,” someone tweeted. “You could of called them either one but you called them “Bo derek” giving credit to a white woman for a black style knowing you already catch heat for culture vulturing.”

And while Kim K’s cornrows are her latest do to set the internet on fir, this is not the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last, that the makeup mogul raises a few eyebrows over her everchanging hairstyles.

However, instead of shamelessly stealing hairdos from other cultures, maybe Kim—and her entire family for that matter—should try sticking to the many hairstyles that she’s already proven to know how to flawlessly rock.

From platinum blond cornrows to her signature high sleek ponytail, here’s a recap of the of Kim Kardashian’s everchanging hairstyles.


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