Celebrating Jason Segel: 25 Reasons Why We Love Marshall Eriksen

Yes, he’s not precisely the most handsome guy in Hollywood. Yes, we know he’s got what many like to call a “dad bod”. But it’s totally ok to think that Jason Segel is your soulmate. And there’s a reasonable explanation to why you feel the way you feel.

Your total and irrevocable fascination with Segel is only because he played the funniest, sweetest, most romantic character in TV history. Yes—if you can’t stop dreaming of Jason is because, in reality, you probably are in love with Marshall Eriksen.

I mean—his relationship with Lily? GOALS. His friendship with Ted? GOALS. His love for food? ABSOLUTE GOALS. We get the feeling. You’re not alone.

And what better day to remember some of the many, many reasons why we are so fascinated with Marshall Eriksen than Jason’s 38th birthday? Click trough to intensify Segel addiction!


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