Chicago West And Other “Unusual” Celebrity Baby Names

The newborn was named after her daddy’s hometown, and to everyone’s surprise, it actually is a great, sort-of-normal kind of name.

Sure— fans were expecting something more over the top like “Wild” or “Wicked Witch of the,” so when the couple announced the name of their third child, many were a little disappointed. Truth being told, it’s not that unusual to name your kid after a city.  But Kanye and Kim have already proven their creative skills when it comes to choosing unique names for their children—as evidence, their two oldest.

But if you still need to scratch that bizarre name itch, there’s plenty to choose from! Kal-El, Apple, Blanket, Inspektor… You name it! Or better yet, let celebrities do it! Check out our photo gallery above to see some of the monikers among celebrity babies that have certainly raised a few eyebrows.

These monikers have certainly raised a few eyebrows.


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