Chrissy Teigen, Stephen Colbert, Josh Gad And Other Celebs Respond To Trump’s Nuclear Button Tweet

On January 2nd, President Trump kicked off the new year toying with the idea of nuclear war with North Korea when he tweeted that his “nuclear button” is “bigger and more powerful” than Kim John Un’s.

No, we’re not kidding. This actually happened.

The president’s tweet prompted Twitter users to respond, including celebrities, who since then have been calling out Trump’s childlike language and the potential danger it can cause. Of course, among the more serious remarks were also hilarious jokes of his tinny hands… and other things—if you know what we mean ;-).

Check out the mixture of shock, confusion, scoff and utter terror in the photo gallery we’ve put together for you of some of the best reactions from your favorite stars.

The Donald sure is giving us gold material for our annual “Worst Trump Tweets Of The Year”!


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