Happy National Spouses Day! 20 Aww-Inspiring Celebrity Marriages You Should Follow On Instagram

Happy National Sposuses Day! A day dedicated to recognize spouses everywhere, reminding us all to take time for our better half and show them that we care and appreciate all of the things that they do for us and our lives together.

However, for these celebrity marriages, national spouses day is an all year-round celebration!

And what’s the best, easiest, and most flattering way to flaunt your relationship to the masses when you live a fast-paced life like celebrities? Instagram! From romantic snaps, silly candids, and even personal wedding pictures, these celebrity power couples can´t stop gushing about each other on social media!

Check out this collection of adorably mushy pictures from your favorite famous couples and check out some of the most romantic things they’ve said about their truly enviable relationship.

P.S. If you can never get enough of kissing selfies and family photos you should definitely start following them!


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