Learn From The Best, Maisie Williams! 14 Celebrities Who Have Been Bridesmaid

During an interview with Radio Times, Maisie talked about her BFF and Game of Thrones co-star’s wedding and said any plans have been put on hold until filming of the final season of the series wraps up. And while Sophie may not have her wedding cake or even her bridal gown just yet, one thing is already locked in: Maisie!

When asked if she was “already bidding for a role as bridesmaid” in Turner’s wedding, Williams responded, “I’ve already got it!”

As exciting as the news is, only Lord (of the Light) knows when this wedding is going to take place, being that GoT season 8 just started filming three months ago. It could well be over year before we see Sophie, Joe, and now Maisie as a bridesmaid walking down the aisle!

So, in the meantime, to get yourself through this Game of Waiting, click through our photo gallery above to see your favorite celebrities serving as bridesmaids at their bestie’s wedds while unintentionally stealing their thunder—just a bit!


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