Prince William Is Now Rocking A Buzz Cut And Twitter Has All Of The Feelings

Prince William is the new hot baldie in town. No hair don’t care!

While the royal’s progressive baldness has been the subject of debate for quite some time now¸ it has now become a trending topic on social media as he stepped out sporting a shorter, very closely cropped do at an appearance at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital on Thursday.

After years of joking about his hair loss on numerous occasions and at least a decade of living in denial, the heir to the British throne is finally embracing his baldness. And the internet has strong opinions about the Prince’s new do. Many are celebrating the buzz cut, while others are going as far as requesting a new tax to finance a hair transplant surgery for the Duke of Cambridge.

How do you feel about the future king final letting loose his inner Bruce WILLiness? Get it?! See the best reactions in our photo gallery above.


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