The 10 Most Outrageously Lavish Celebrities On Instagram

Like us, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ludacris, and Floyd Mayweather are on Instagram, only that their post are a little more impressive than seeing what your friend had for lunch!

From shopping sprees to celebrity friends to insane vacations, these stars stun their fans as they splash the cash on their Instagram accounts. Because is not enough to have the money, you have to show it off—otherwise, what’s the point?

Flaunting their wealth to their followers is basically the entire purpose why the super-rich thrust their treasures in our faces. Yeah—it may be a little outrageously pretentious, but let’s face it—we still can’t get enough of their extravagant lifestyle.

Click through our photo gallery above to see 10 of the most shamelessly lavish A-listers on Instagram. Because they love to elevate their celebrity status to the top—one pompous post at a time.

WARNING: Click only if you’re willing to be reminded how poor you are.


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