15 Surprising Facts To Further Fuel Your Taylor Lautner Obsession

We’ve been in love with Taylor Lautner for as long as we can remember. From shark boy, to teen werewolf, to crazy vindictive doctor, we’ve never really fallen out of love with Taylor Lautner—not even after he wore that hideous wig in Twilight. Not even after his multiple Razzie nominations (and wins) for Worst Actor. Not even when he dated Taylor Swift, smashing all of our teenage dreams.

Not even then.

Our love affair with Taylor Lautner has certainly been through a lot, but it’s also proven to be one for a lifetime. It started when he was 13 years old and shows no signs of stopping now that he’s turned 26.

Celebrating Taylor’s birthday, here are 15 surprising facts about this heartthrob to further fuel you T-Lautner obsession!


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