Family Money: 15 Celebrities Who Were Born With A Silver Spoon

Many of us have heard the inspiring stories of celebrities who against all odds—and with the perfect combination of hard work, innate talent, and a bit of luck— reached stardom, and with it, an enviable life of luxury and glamour.

But while many have had to work their way up in the entertainment industry ladder, other celebs had it easy from the beginning, long before they hit it big. They were born into privilege, set from the start! They’ve lived in the upper crust for their whole lives.

Of course, being born rich doesn’t guarantee you’ll make it in showbusiness, but it sure doesn’t hurt! Some stars were fortunate enough to have been born to fabulously wealthy parents. From the Gyllenhaals to the Maras to the Hadids, these famous faces were rich from the moment they entered the world!

Some people just have all the luck!


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