Get Your Smuch On: 20 Best Kisses In Pop Culture History

Is it too early to start celebrating Valentine’s Day? We think not! I mean—with the never-ending romance on TV and movies is almost impossible not to feel amorous every single day of the year. Even when you’re single AF and haven’t been on a date in more time that what you’d care to admit.

Yeah, not upside-down make out sessions or popping feet (as in Mia Thermopolis’ longtime dream) for you! Sorry, pal, real life isn’t like we see it on the screen.

But, despite the lack of romance in your life, you can always appreciate a good kissing scene—right? It’s February, the love month, so what the heck! If you really want to get your smooch on, pucker up and check the top 20 most iconic kisses in pop culture history!


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