Happy National Pizza Day! 28 Surprisingly Relatable Tweets About The Ultimate Comfort Food!

Why do people love pizza? First of all—is this even a question?

Pizza is the only dish worthy of being called “the food made by the gods”. The unbeatable combination of hot, gooey mozzarella, sharp sweetness of marinara, and the delicious doughy crust, often sprinkled with tasty herbs has never failed to mesmerize us. It just works.

In fact, pizza is so perfect that you can eat it at anytime of the day at any given occasion and it’ll still be absolutely perfect: breakfast, brunch, dinner, birthday party, office celebration, Thanksgiving— there’s literally never a time when a slice of pizza doesn’t sound (or taste) good.

Also, we believe it is the only food that actually brings people together. Yes—the Italians may have invented it, but ever since, the rest of world has been gripped by its undeniable power.

In the end, pizza is the perfect flavor delivery system, your best friend, the key to real happiness, and we’re 99% sure it’s also the love of your life—and ours too.

Celebrating National Pizza Day, here are 28 surprisingly relatable tweets about the ultimate comfort food. Bring on the pizza!

P.S. If you’re not reading this with a slice of pizza on your hand a big bite on your mouth—we’re judging you!


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