The Look Of Love: 15 Celebrity Couples Sneaking Romantic Look In the Red Carpet

It’s well known that Hollywood overflows with fake things—boobs, butts, lips, friendships…But as the saying goes, in life, neither money nor love can be disguised. And since it is quite obvious that these celebrities are fabulously wealthy, why not take a look—quite literally—at the irrefutable proof of their profound love for their better half.

Every day is Valentine’s Day for some of our favorite celebrity couples! Even at the red carpet, where their body language speaks a thousand words (of love)—as the pictures above prove. From Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, these stars just can’t keep their affection under their hats.

Here’s a collection of some of our favorite celebrity couples sneaking adorable looks of love in the red carpet caught on camera!


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