Queens On The Court And On The Internet: The 15 Most Followed Female Athletes On Instagram

Once upon a time, comparing a man to a “girl” used to be a hard hit to any macho’s ego. But then came these powerful ladies to tear down all stigmas and misconceptions about women in sports, and today, well, how males wish someone would say to them “you punch like a girl”!

Women like Serena Williams, Simone Biles, and Ronda Rousey are finally getting the recognition they so much deserve, both inside the court and the ring, as in their everyday lives. No wonder these women are some of the most followed personalities on social media! With millions of fans keeping an eye on their pages, female athletes are quickly becoming some of the biggest names in platforms like Instagram.

From wrestlers, to gymnast, to tennis legends, here are the 15 most followed female athletes on Instagram, in celebration of National Girls and Women In Sports Day. Check them out it you too want a dose of true fitspiration on your feed!


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