Who Is Sophia Lillis? Everything You Need To Know About The “It” Tomboy

Exceeding all expectation, It gained itself the coveted title of the movie of summer 2017, raising over 700 million in box office—665 more than the actual production cost. But loved the best from this new adaptation of the Stephen King’s novel of the same name wasn’t neither the sublime yet terrifying Pennywise characterization not the still hilarious memes of his peculiar dance moves, but rather the birth of a new muse in Hollywood.

We’re talking about the beautiful and talented Sophia Lillis, who found became everyone’s favorite scrappy youngster as the tomboyish, tough and sensitive Beverly, the one and only girl (and, let’s face, the heart and soul) in the Loser’s club.

She may be just a teen, but Sophia is already making a name for herself in the entertainment industry—fighting one evil spirit in the form of a clown at a time. So you better keep an eye on this star on the raise, ‘cause you best believe you’ll be hearing a lot more from Lillis! Celebrating her 16th birthday, here’s everything you need to know about It’s Sophia Lillis.


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