Who Is Sophia Lillis? Everything You Need To Know About The “It” Tomboy

  • Celebrating her 16th birthday, here’s everything you need to know about It’s Sophia Lillis. (Photo: WENN)

  • As of today, Sophia Lillis is only 16 years old. (Photo: WENN)

  • She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. (Photo: WENN)

  • Sophia first became interested in acting because of her stepfather, a photographer and indie filmmaker, who chose her to play a role that he made for his film class. (Photo: Instagram)

  • She studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. (Photo: WENN)

  • She has a twin brother named Jake and a step-brother named Philip. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Lillis made her acting debut in 2014 in “The Lipstick Stain” and she later starred in the film “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. (Photo: WENN)

  • Her big break was as Beverly Marsh in the 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, It. (Photo: Release)

  • Unlike her “It” co-stars, there was no need to train Sophia in 80’s trivia. She already knew everything about there was to know thanks to her older brother! (Photo: WENN)

  • She became good friends with the “It” cast. “We definitely were together a lot, off-set and on-set. We went to each other’s houses and hung out, had dinner together,” she shared on an interview. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Ironically, she’s not a fan of clowns. “They’re fine, I’m not scared of them, I just don’t know why I would like them. They’re just a little… they are scary, a little bit,” she said in an interview. (Photo: Instagram)

  • She will be starred in the 2017 short “Tiny Mammals”. (Photo: Release)

  • She also appeared in Sia’s music video for her single “Santa’s Coming For Us,” alongside Wyatt Oleff and Caleb McLauhlin. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Sophie will appear as a younger version of Amy Adam’s character in HBO’s upcoming series “Sharp Objects.” (Photo: WENN)

  • Since starring in “It” she has become a social media sensation, with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram alone. (Photo: Instagram)

Celebrating her 16th birthday, here’s everything you need to know about It’s Sophia Lillis. (Photo: WENN)

Exceeding all expectation, It gained itself the coveted title of the movie of summer 2017, raising over 700 million in box office—665 more than the actual production cost. But loved the best from this new adaptation of the Stephen King’s novel of the same name wasn’t neither the sublime yet terrifying Pennywise characterization not the still hilarious memes of his peculiar dance moves, but rather the birth of a new muse in Hollywood.

We’re talking about the beautiful and talented Sophia Lillis, who found became everyone’s favorite scrappy youngster as the tomboyish, tough and sensitive Beverly, the one and only girl (and, let’s face, the heart and soul) in the Loser’s club.

She may be just a teen, but Sophia is already making a name for herself in the entertainment industry—fighting one evil spirit in the form of a clown at a time. So you better keep an eye on this star on the raise, ‘cause you best believe you’ll be hearing a lot more from Lillis! Celebrating her 16th birthday, here’s everything you need to know about It’s Sophia Lillis.

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