12 Things You Should Know About Stormtrooper-Turned-Rebel John Boyega

It’s been a little over 2 years since the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and ever since, we haven’t stopped fangirling over stormtrooper-turned-rebel Finn. More importantly, we have also become obsessed with the actor underneath the white robot-like suit, John Boyega.

It’s also been 2 years that we’ve been trying to learn every little detail about the career and personal life of our new dream boyfriend and future space husband. As a result, our research has only further fuel our addiction with this English hottie. And we’re totally ok with that.

If you too love the Star Wars actor, here are 12 things you should definitely know about the amazing John Boyega! Celebrate his 26th birthday by flipping through our photo gallery above.


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