15 Instagram Posts That Confirm Mariah Carey’s Diva Behavior

Sorry J-Lo. Mariah simply can never be out-diva’d.

You know it. We know it. She knows it. Mariah Carey is as lavish and prima donna as she talented—and reportedly can sing the highest vocal notes ever produced by a human voice! (except for that infamous New Year’s Eve 2016 circa disaster, of course).

She immediately garnered the title of Hollywood’s most fabulous diva when she first stepped on the music scene in the 90’s, and no one has been able to claim the crown like Mariah ever since. Sure—many have tried to outdo the singer, but none have (or will ever, for that matter) succeed.

And Carey only gets more and more over-the-top with time! So who knows what new extravaganzas we’ll see now that she’s turning 48. Celebrating her birthday, here are 15 Instagram posts that confirm Mariah Carey’s diva behavior!


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