27 Tweets Professing Our Insatiable Thirst For Birthday Boy Jon Hamm

When Jon Hamm first graced our screens as the always dapper Don Draper in Mad Men, we though we had been blessed with gift from the gods we simply weren’t worthy of. But, oh, how naïve we were for Jon Hamm has become our worst curse ever since!

It is as if all of the sudden, we could only see two types of guys: Jon Hamm and the rest of the men. Next to his amazing talent, his unbelievable good looks, and his irresistible voice, any other man seems like a bad joke.

Now, man and women, queer or straight, wander around this world looking for a significant other that we well know will never be as significant as the one and only Jon Hamm. All we can do now is profess our overwhelming love for the actor and dream and hope that one day he’ll at least know that our heart beats only for him.

Celebrating his 47th birthday—also known as the day that our lives began, even if we weren’t born yet—here are 27 tweets that perfectly portray our love/obsession/addiction with the magnificent specimen that is called Jon Hamm.


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