Birthday Special: 15 Things That You Likely Are Unaware About Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Oscar Isaac

It’s still not clear how the internet chooses its boyfriends. But one thing is certain: Star Wars star Oscar Isaac is the internet’s boyfriend.

And though the selection process remains an enigma, we can think of one or two things why the world crushing over Isaac makes complete sense. For starters, he is drop-dead-gorgeous! (and that’s not up to discussion). I mean—have you seen him rock a full beard? Or impeccably shaved? Or just being his perfect Oscar Isaac self?

But apart from his undeniable good looks, there are plenty other reasons why people find Oscar Isaac so interesting, irresistible, and—let’s face it— plain addictive. And here we’ve listed only a few of them.

If you too can’t have enough of this latino sexbomb, here are 15 things that you likely are unware to further fuel your obsession with hunky actor and birthday boy Oscar Isaac!


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