Birthday Special: 15 Things You’ll Want To Know About Jessica Biel!

You know a girl is something else when a heartthrob like the one and only Justin Timberlake puts a ring on it! However, we knew Jessica Biel was an amazing woman long before she and J.T. first gave us #CoupleGoals almost 10 years ago.

From her acting, to her fashion, to her charitable work, to gifting the world with a mini Justin for the years to come (a.k.a. her son Silas), Jessica Biel is one of those down-to-earth celebrities that still manages to be out of this world.

Celebrating her 36th birthday, here are 15 things we’re sure you’ll want to know about this Hollywood beauty—from her family life, to her past high-profile relationships, to being on top of the acting mountain (and a literal mountain too!).


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