Who Is Chord Overstreet? 15 Things You Should Know About Emma Watsons’s Real-Life Ron Weasley

You met him as the Justin Bieber of McKinley High, “trouty mouth” Sam Evans. But now, Chord Overstreet has leveled up his celebrity status by landing what probably is the most important role of his career so far: boyfriend of the one and only Emma Watson.

In an unexpected turn of events, the former Glee star and out favorite witch starred in a series of photos holding hands as they walked around the streets of sunny L.A., unleashing (though some would say confirming) rumors of a quite frankly very random romance.

But, apart from his Glee day, what do we really know about this Chord Overstreet muggle who is now dating our queen Emma Watson? Sounds like a case for the Ministry of Magic—or is it the hall monitor? Here’s the lowdown on Hermione’s real-life Ron Weasley.


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