Emma Watson And Chord Overstreet Are Dating And Gleeks and Potterheads On Twitter Are Screaming!

Our favorite witch and the former Glee star where spotted not-so-secretly holding hands over the weekend, making our wildest fanfiction dreams come true!

In a truly Glee-worthy mashup, Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet are now officially (?) an item. Somehow, the corridors of Hogwarts School of Magic and McKinley High Shcool crossed over, bringing together a pair we never knew we needed so bad.

But how did it happen? Where did they meet? Since when has this random AF romance been going on? Did Emma use a magic love potion on Chord? Or were his fantastic musical skills what wooed Watson?

We need answers, Emmord! (Or Chormma, Wastreet, or whatever you wanna call them!)

Flip through our photo gallery above to see the best reactions from Gleeks and Potterheads on Twitter over the new and certainly unexpected Emma Watson + Chord Overstreet romance!


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