Hail To The Chief! Claire Underwood Takes Over The White House In New “House of Cards” Teaser And Twitter Has Mixed Feelings

Kevin Spacey is nowhere to be found in House of Cards new trailer. The short teaser of barely 30 seconds shows Claire Underwood front and center, ready for duty in the post-Frank Underwood era.

“We’re just getting started,” Claire says as she stands from behind her desk in the Oval Office.

After the sexual misconducts allegations against Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright is now taking lead on Netflix’s political drama for its 6th and final season. And though there’s no denying that the Golden Globe award winner is a sublime actress, not everyone thinks Wright is up to the task of filling Spacey’s shoes. “I’m sorry, she is amazing, but Kevin honestly makes the show,” tweeted and skeptical user after the trailer was released last night.

But not everyone is ready to underestimate Robin’s ability to carry the weight of the show’s final chapter over her shoulders. I mean—she is an Amazonian warrior after all!

Check out the best reactions to the new Kevin Spacey-less teaser of House of Cards.


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