Happy National Doctors! The 11 Most Memorable MD’s in TV And Films!

If we love doctors as much as we do, is only because (apart from being hella smart, saving lives for a living, and doing sweet, sweet money) TV and movies have made it their long-life mission to give us false expectations of the level of funness, sexiness and charisma of our average doctor.

But we’re more than ok with that.

Plenty of memorable fictional doctors have grace the small and big screen over the last century. But some docs just stand out from the rest, whether it is because they make us laugh, cry, or a little of both—all in the process of providing healing.

Sure—the hospital is a place where drama and tension can easily unfold, but it’s also where you can find yourself a Dr. McDreamy. Celebrating National Doctors day, here’s a countdown of 11 of the most memorable MD’s in TV and films.


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