Justin Bieber And 10 Other Celebrities Who Think “Pimples Are In”

When you’re only 24, successful, rich, and have fans all over the globe, is easy to love every aspect of your life—including zits!

Justin Bieber recently shared a video showing his bare face, pointing at his forehead blemishes, on Instagram Stories, and instead of complaining about his breakouts—like most of us do!—he celebrated them by captioning the picture “Pimples are in.”

Talk about self-confidence!

But Biebs isn’t the only celebrity who has encouraged people to be proud of their ski as is—cysts and all! More and more, A-listers are confidently posting filter-free selfies showing acne scars and red spots on full display, and even revealing their best tips to better their skin.

Check out 10 celebrities who have joined this refreshing trend, proving that even famous multi-millionaires wake up with a zit or two, too! Oh, celebs—they’re just like us (minus the private plane, of course!)


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