From Tattoo Artist To Makeup Entrepreneur: 15 Lesser Known Facts About Kat Von D

If you don’t know her for her successful makeup line, then you definitely know her for her out-of-this-world ink skills. She has tattooed hundreds of people and her work has been critically acclaimed.

But, believe it or now, there’s a lot more to the badass Kat Von D than her ink.

The tattoo artist turned New York Times best selling author turned makeup mogul is, evidently, at the top of her game, consolidating herself as one of savviest icons of the moment. There definitely a thing or two we could all learn from the Kat’s meteoric success. And now’s the chance to do so!

Celebrating Kat’s 36th birthday, here are 15 lesser known facts about the beauty star that are as cool as her tattoos (and her makeup!).


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