Triple Crown Of Acting: 10 Celebrities Who Have Won An Oscar, Emmy and Tony Award

Being an Oscar, Emmy or Tony award winner automatically makes you a member of a pretty exclusive club. But having all three? Well—that’s a whole other level.

There’s an elite few in showbusiness who have earned triple crown honors for acting. From 1953 to 2017, only 23 lucky (and extremely talented!) people, including Sunday’s Oscar winner for Best Actress Frances McDormand, have make this esteemed list, solidifying them as the crème de la crème of the acting world.

Clearly, winning the big three isn’t easy. To some of these brilliant actors and actresses it has taken over 40 years to be recognized by their peers in film, television and theater, all in acting categories. Bu, oh baby, they’ve won the most-coveted bragging rights in Hollywood!

So, if your think one award is spectacular, then you’re about to have your mind blown! Here are 10 of the entertainment industry’s biggest names who hold the rare “Triple Crown of Acting.”


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