Whatever Happened To Lily Truscott? Here’s what Emily Osmet Has Been Up To Since The Finale Of Hanna Montana

It’s been over a decade since Hanna Montana premiered in 2006, and more than seven years since the show that propelled Miley Cyrus’ career wrapped up filming. But the hit Disney Channel series, which became one of the most successful in the history of the network (and the the greatest thing to ever happen in your childhood), was also the springboard to many other of its cast members, including Lily Truscott—a.k.a. Lola LaFonda, a.k.a. real-life Emily Osment.

Unlike Miley Stewart’s well-behaved bestie, Emily has taken up slightly grittier roles since the series ended, proving that her acting skills are good enough for R-rated audiences as well. Not quite the good-girl-gone-bad transformation Miley had a few years ago—but still!

Celebrating Emily Osment’s birthday, here’s what Hanna’s best friend has been up to since the finale of the beloved 2000’s show.


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