10 Reasons Dev Patel Has Women Swooning Over His Charm

Listen, guys. We need to talk about Dev Patel.

He was the kid growing up smoking pot in high school in Skins, he was the rags-to-riches dream in Slumdog Millionaire, and Nicole Kidman’s adoptive son desperately searching for his family in Lion. But besides proving himself as one of the most promising actors of our generation, there are many other reasons why Dev Patel has quickly become our new favorite Asian.

Sure—Dev may not have been raised in India, but thanks to his Indian roots, this this British-born actor is giving the entertainment industry and our “dream boyfriend” list some of the much-needed diversity it’s been lacking!

This super talented star also happens to be extremely handsome AND has a heart of gold. A fine actor, a fine-looking man, and a fine soul. So, our crush bordering in sickening obsession with Dev Patel? Yeah, totally justified.

Celebrating his 27th birthday, here are 10 reasons why the once relatively-unknown Indian-origin actor now has women (and men) swooning over his irresistible charm.


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