10 Reasons Why We Love Birthday Girl Victoria Beckham

Why is everyone so obsessed with Victoria Beckham?

Sure, at first we though she was just Posh from the Spice Girls, but 30 years later we’ve come to realize that Victoria Beckham is far more than just a pop music icon and a poker face.

Maybe it’s because she’s married to the most famous (and sexy) footballer of all times. Perhaps because she has a truly enviable family. It possibly has to do with the fact that she’s a fashion superstar. Or that she’s a hardworking, successful woman. Or maybe, just maybe, because, despite all of the above, Victoria Beckham is still a down to earth human being that laughs at herself and seems totally relatable.

There are many, many reasons to love this particular lady, and today, celebrating her 44 birthday, we bring you just 10 of them. Here’s to 42 more years of Victoria Beckham spicing up our lives!


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