10 Reasons The World Is Obsessed With Stranger Things’ Joe Keery

We have no trouble suspending our disbelief when it comes to the existence evil outer-space creatures and upside down alternate universes. But if there’s one thing we can’t bring ourselves to believe is that Joe Keery is anything other than a perfect human being.

He’s pretty much the hero of season two of Stranger Things as Steve Harrington. And now, Joe Keery is our hero in the real world too. From the perfectly coiffed ‘do, to that winning smile, to his charismatic attitude, Joe has become synonymous with #goals.

He’s too much for our little hearts can take. But the again, we just can’t get enough of the dreamy Joe Keery! So, in celebration of his 25th birthday, here are 10 perfectly logical reasons why everyone you know is #TeamSteve (a.k.a. #Harringheads).

Prepare to further fuel your obsession with Joe Keery in our photo gallery above!


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