11 Reasons Kourtney Is Our Favorite Kardashian

You don’t have to say it out loud, but just like us, you probably keep up with the Kardashians more than you’d care to admit.

And after a decade of watching them laugh, cry, get married, get divorced, get re-married, have babies, name their offspring the most ridiculous names and, consequentially, get richer and richer by the minute, you’ve probably come to realize that you can’t help but like Kourtney just a little bit more than her equally famous siblings.

She’s a single mother, always has her family’s best interest in mind, and honestly, she’s the most mature out of the KarJenn clan (and that includes, you, Kris!). But she’s also overly sarcastic, brutally honest, and sometimes a little too full of herself—which only makes her so much more fun!

The perfect balance between being a grown a** woman and totally cray cray. How could we not love Kourtney Kardashian?!

To each their own—but the eldest Kardashian is hands down our favorite sister. Bible! Celebrating her 39th birthday (dang, she’s still got it!) here are only 10 of the many, many reasons why Kourtney is the best Kardashian.


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