13 Things About Mario Dedivanovic Besides That He’s Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artists


His name is Mario Dedivanovic, although you probably know him as @MakeupByMario, Kim Kardashian’s go-to makeup artist.

After 10 years of turning Kim Kardashian into a long lashed, smooth skin, glowing goddess, the reality TV star and the celebrity makeup artist are finally teaming up to create KKW Beauty’s next product and first collaboration: a high-pigment eyeshadow palette.

According to an Instagram picture posted on the KKW Beauty account, the day of the launch, April 5th, marks the first time Mario and Kim ever met. And not only is the date reminiscent of their relationship, but the product itself is also inspired by the iconic makeup looks the duo has created together over the past decade.

But besides being Kim Kardashian’s favorite makeup artists, who is this Mario Dedivanovic guy that deserves such a hype from Mrs. West herself? Click through our photo gallery above to learn 13 things you probably didn’t know about @MakeupByMario.


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