Who Are The 20 Hottest Male Celebrities Over 60?

Yeah, we know, we know. We’re not blind. We can appreciate Zac Efron’s defined abs and Liam Hemsworth’s bulging biceps. But you can keep them. When it comes to celebrity crushes, we prefer old school Hollywood actors—quite literally.

While it’s rare to find a woman who at her 60’s continues to unleash the same passions as when she was a 20-year-old girl (thank you very much, nature), like a fine wine, men seem to only get better with age!

Maybe it is because they are experience and cultured, perhaps because they are better in terms of pleasing and handling a woman, it could be their sophisticated taste, or it simply is that we’ve got some weird fetish with wrinkles and gray hair. But there’s something about an older man that makes him irresistible.

Luckily for us, we’ve got plenty of celebrities that are completely redefining what it means to be considered a “senior”. They may be elderly, but these foxes in Hollywood are still giving us the hots. Above, a slide show of 20 sexy male stars over 60. ‘Cause sexy doesn’t have an expiration date!


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