Birthday Special: Moises Arias Looks Nothing Like You Remember Him From His “Hanna Montana” Days


Remember Rico Suave? The young manager at the local surf shack, who also happened to be Jackson’s boss? Rico was best known for his wicked schemes, manipulative, arrogant persona, and, of course, his iconic evil laugh.

And though his quirky role in Disney’s hit show helped him find fame and rise among the ranks of Hollywood’s young stars with roles in Ben-Hur and Enders Game, Moises Arias looks nothing—and we mean NOTHING—like you remember him from his days as Rico.

But regardless of the dreadlocks, the smoking, his new gang, or the fact that he’s all grown up and turning 24 today (O-M-G), to us, Arias will forever and always be Rico Suave from Hannah Montana. So you can go ahead and try, but there really isn’t much you can do about that, Moises… MUAHAHAHA!

Whatever happened to Rico Suave? Click through our photo gallery above to learn the whereabouts of former child actor Moises Arias.


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