Get In Here! 10 Celebs Hugging Other Celebs

You can go on and say that you are one of those people who don’t like to keep up with celebrities, but we all have that one random star that we would love to hug tight. And guess what—celebrities are no exception! They too are dying to hold give a good huggy wuggy to people just as famous as them!

Ah, celebrities, they’re just like us—with the only difference that they actually have real chances of hugging a fellow A-lister.

And if there’s one thing that we love even more than the idea of hugging our favorite celeb, is watching high-profile people showing each other love with a good old hug. Ok—we do wish it was us hugging David Beckham and not Charlie Hunnam—but that’s good as it’ll get for us!

So get in here and enjoy these 10 pictures of celebs hugging other celebs!


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