Happy High Five Day: A Full List Of The Best High Fives In TV And Movies

When words like “good job!” or “dang we aced that pretty well” or “hey, we’re wearing the exact same T-shirt today. Nice!” fall short against the excitement of the moment, we can always rely on a trusty celebratory high five to accurately promote our positive “feel-good” vibes.

That’s the power of high five. A gesture to make a celebration short without reducing the importance of the event. The perfect way to celebrate something that is not worth throwing a party, but neither it is small enough that it should go unnoticed.

Even some of your favorite movies and series have turned to the high five to convey the deep emotions of their characters. And the gesture has been so iconic that it has gone down to entertainment history.

Celebrating National High Five day here’s a full list of the best on-screen hand slaps in TV and movie history. Don’t forget to high five back strangers on this fun holiday!


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