John Krasinski (A.k.a. Jim Halpert) And 10 Other Famous Jims In Hollywood

In case you’re wondering why John Krasinski has been all over the headlines, is because of his latest project, the highly anticipated movie The Quiet Place. In the horror film, starring opposite his wife Emily Blunt, Krasinki plays a father and husband who is willing to do everything to protect his family from mysterious creatures that hunt by sound.

And though the premise sounds like something we wouldn’t want to miss for the world, there are two things stopping us from watching the movie. For starters, the fact that Jenna Fischer isn’t playing John’s wife onscreen. Second, that Krasinski is portraying someone else besides our dream boyfriend Jim Halpert.

Don’t get us wrong—we’ll never get tired of John Krasinki gracing our screens! But it’d bee 1000 times better if it was on something like an Office reboot, because… Jim.

But since that’s nothing but a dream (at least for now), here’s a list of our favorite Jims/Jimmys/James in Hollywood to satisfy your Jim necessities (although we all know Jim Halpert is the only guy up to that task.)


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