Meet Real-Life Robin Scherbastky: 15 Fun Facts About Birthday Girl Cobie Smulders

Hard-die fans may recognize her from films such as Safe Heaven and The Delivery Man. Marvel Universe enthusiast will know her as Maria Hill from The Avengers. But Cobie Smulders is probably best known for her role as Robin Scherbatsky in How I Met Your Mother.

Since her days as Ted Mosby’s blue-French-horned-woman, Cobie has gone from relatively well-known TV actress to an eye-catching starlet. But that shouldn’t come as surprise when she looks the way she looks—right? (Dazzling eyes, perfect smile, physics-defying body…)

You may think you know this Canadian beauty to a tee—but did you know “Cobie” isn’t even her real name? Celebrating her Here are 15 facts about our favorite model-turned-actress that not even her biggest fans know!


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