Meghan Markle’s One Gray Hair Got Called Out By Marie Claire And Twitter Thinks That’s Nonsense

In a world full of wars, hunger, poverty, and endless scientific advances, Marie Claire has decided that Meghan Markle’s hair is worthy of becoming news. In fact, not her whole head full of hair bur rather one hair—as in a single gray hair.

For whatever reason a writer thought Meghan Markle’s gray strand deserved to have its very own story, and for an even more inexplicable reason, some editor approved it. And thought the piece doesn’t seem malicious, as she points out that the future Mrs. Prince Harry’s hair makes her seem more “human” and relatable, people on Twitter are not pleased.

Users are dragging the women’s mag because, honestly, the story is as stupid as it is nonsense. Check out the best tweets about Marie Clair’s article on Markle’s one single gray hair in our photo gallery above.


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