Who Is Richard Gere’s 33 Years Younger New Wife Alejandra Silva?

Richard Gere and girlfriend Alejandra Silva tied the knot!

Though the couple has been quietly dating since 2014, the news still came as a surprise. Not only because this is Richard’s third marriage, or because, surprisingly enough, the news of the 68-year-old actor’s wed still broke the hearts of women from all around the world, but also because this blond beauty is 33 years younger than her famous new husband.

But, besides her age, what do we know about Alejandra Silva? Who is she? Where did she come from? How did she manage to woo one of the sexiest men alive? (Fight me on this one!)

As it turns out, Richard’s mysterious new wife is not so mysterious after all. She’s been in the public eye her entire life and is no stranger to the lavish privileges of a Hollywood star life—although not for the same reasons.

Click through our photo gallery above to learn all the secrets about the (current) winner of the coveted title “Mrs. Richard Gere”.


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