Twitter Is Seriously Divided Over Blake Shelton’s “Karma” Shade At Miranda Lambert

Blake Shelton’s most recent tweet has cause quite a stir on social media. Not only because his not-so-cryptic message is clearly (to many) throwing shade at his ex-wife Miranda Lambert’s new romance with a married man, but also because The Voice coach had the audacity to talk about karma when he starred a similar story with Lambert.

The country music couple met in 2005, and they began dating shortly after, when Blake was still married to his first wife, Kaynette Gern. So Twitter didn’t see with good eyes that Blake is now pointing fingers and playing the victim because, well, he’s not.

You better watch out, Shelton, because lady karma is not only a biatch but she’s also a flying boomerang, and sooner rather than later she’ll be coming for you—if she didn’t already with this Twitter roast!

Check out some of the reactions to Blake Shelton taking a dig at Miranda Lambert in our photo gallery above. Be careful, though! This tea is exceptionally hot.


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