10 Most Memorable Teachers In TV & Film History!

DISCLAIMER: Please note we said “memorable” and not “best”. Some of the names on this list shouldn’t be allowed to be nowhere near a classroom!

Everyone remembers who their favorite (or least favorite) teacher was—and we’re not talking about the ones who actually thought you how to write, add, and subtract, but the fictional educators that keep Hollywood’s school always in session!

From ruler-wielding disciplinarians who demand respect to nurturing mentors who instill worldly wisdom to unconventional professors who are horrendously ill-suited for the job; these teachers get our shiny red apple of approval—even when it is for all the wrong reasons.

As we continue to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, we pay tribute to the 10 fictional teachers that inspired students, raised the bar for educators, or otherwise stole the hearts of America (even if they turned out to be the king of meth business).


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