10 Reasons Why Women Are Crazy About George Clooney


If she says she doesn’t have a crush on George Clooney, she’s lying!

Back in 2014, the hearts of millions of women all over the world broke as George Clooney became Amal Alamuddin’s trophy husband, officially taking the ultimate bachelor off the market. But even after marrying the luckiest woman on planet Earth, we still can’t stop loving Mr. Perfect, simply because he continues to give us a thousand reasons not to do so!

We’ll be the first to admit some of those reasons are extremely shallow—he’s good looking, he’s cool and seems unflappable, and did we mention he’s really, really good looking? —. Bu those aren’t the only reasons to adore him. There’s much more to George Clooney than his irresistible good looks and charisma!

Ahead of his 57th birthday, it only seems appropriate to offer up 10 of the many, many reasons why women, men, and everything in between are crazy about George “Gorgeous” Clooney.


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