10 Of The Most Unexpected Celebrity Cameos Appearances

Well—fans of Stranger Things are not on board with Millie Bobby Brown’s suggestion to make a crossover with Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And although we agree the controversial family should stay in their lane show, to be fair, Kim Kardashian playing Eleven’s sister wouldn’t be the strangest thing we’ve seen on TV.

A celebrity cameo can sometimes be the best part of any film or TV show—specially when it is so unexpected we never in our wildest dream (and sometimes nightmares) imagined it could happen.

Now, these might not feature the beeeeeest acting, but they are significant for a different reason. Who would imagine we would ever see Ed Sheeran playing a knight in a shiny armor? Or the King of Pop making fun of himself as an alien? Suddenly, a Kim K cameo in the Netflix hit show doesn’t seem like the craziest idea.

These performances didn’t win these celebrities a trophy cabinet of Emmys, but they certainly cemented their place in our favorite unexpected cameo appearances list! Do you have what it takes to join the ranks, Kimberly?


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