“13 Reasons Why” Returns May 18 And Twitter Is Scared For What Is Coming

If though 13 Reasons Why couldn’t get any darker— or if you didn’t see any more stories left to tell there—well, think again, because Netflix has officially announced the release date of its second season.

The new somber trailer has caused quite a stir on social media, not only because of the highly anticipated return of the series, or because the montage promises “the tapes were just the beginning,” but because it has left Twitter users with multiple burning questions.

Who messed with my beloved Tony’s face?! Where did Mamma Baker got her fierce new haircut? And why did Netflix had to make red lettered threatening notes so damn small?!

Check out some of the funniest reactions to the imminent return of Hannah, Clay, Tony, Jessica, Justin, and the rest of the “13 Reasons Why” cast in our photo gallery above. Suddenly May 18th seems like three months from now!


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