Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Are Dating And Twitter Finds Their Timing A Little Fishy

We’re just recovering from Ariana Grande and Mac Miller’s sudden and unexpected breakup, and now we learn that she’s already dating (allegedly and very casually) Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson.

And although we’re glad that Ari truly has no tears left to cry over her split, we have to say, well damn girl, that was fast! But, wait a second, wasn’t Pete dating Cazzie Davies like 4 minutes ago? Well, more like 7 days, but yes, he was.

And people say Taylor Swift goes through relationships…

Though reports claim their romance is very new and spontaneous, Twitter couldn’t help but notice that the timing is, shall we say, a little fishy. Click through out photo gallery above to see all the reactions—that span from celebration to jealousy to full on conspiracy theories—to Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s casual dating.


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