Get You A Girl Who Can Do Both: Rosario Dawson 15 Goofiest Moments On The Red Carpet

When we write a post about a celebrity on the red carpet, it usually discusses their most spectacular looks, or, worst case scenario, their poorest, most outrageous outfits. But not when it comes to Rosario Dawson.

The Sin City actress may be a natural beauty with smooth brown skin and a well-toned figure, her fashion ultra-chic and sophisticated, and her arm candy the hottest guy on planet Earth, but all this takes a back seat when she strikes one of her, shall we say unusual poses.

While most celebrities use the red carpet to flaunt their exquisite fashion senses, Rosario clearly is there to simply have a good time. From happy dances to raising up the ceiling, one never knows what to expect when Dawson walks the red carpet.

And we don’t know about you, but for us, that’s better than any high-couture, several thousand dollars gown!

Celebrating her 39th birthday (yep—she’s looks way better than 25-year-old me and she’s nearly 40!), here are 15 pictures of the beautiful Rosario Dawson proving she can be just as fun and goofy as she is sexy! You know what they say—get you a girl who can do both!


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