More Than Just “The Sexiest Man Alive”: 10 Reasons Why We L-O-V-E David Beckham!

You need one reason to love David Beckham? We have many!

David Beckham is that one man in life that is loved by both men and women. Lads want to be him and ladies want him. This soccer legend is definitely one of the most admired sports athletes in the world, not to mention the sexiest man alive as stated by People magazine in 2015—and may we add we wholeheartedly agree with them (sorry, Blake!)

But this gorgeous ex-footballer is much more than his unparalleled talent on the field and his irresistible good looks. No—really, there’s more!

It’s been 43 amazing years since the world was blessed with David Robert Joseph Beckham. But even after over four decades, David still has a very special place in our hearts, and here’s why…


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