Who Is Miley’s Hot Younger Brother Braison Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus has so many brothers and sisters that it’s almost impossible to keep up with the multiple Cyruses and who does what. But today, on Braison Cyrus’ 24th birthday, it only seems appropriate to learn a little bit more about the second youngest sibling in this famous family.

Unlike Miley who has lived under the spotlight for most of her life (she has literally swing on a wrecking ball while naked), or her baby sister Noah who has recently become a singing sensation and is making her own name in the industry, Braison Cyrus has decided to live a quieter life.

But even though he is much less famous than the “Malibu” singer—which consequentially m there isn’t a ton of publicly available information about him—, we’ve still managed to gather 10 fact your probably didn’t know about Miley’s hot younger brother.

So, who is Braison Cyrus? What does he do? What do we know about him aside from his famous family? Learn more about the model/musician/actor in our photo gallery above!


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